The Optionality of Anger

I get angry a lot. Angry at myself, angry at others, or angry at the whole world that I live in. And considering that I am a pretty happy and positive person, I can only imagine how often does a person, who is going through a rough time in their life, gets angry. I oftenContinue reading “The Optionality of Anger”

How To Get Into The Habit Of Reading

Among the practices and habits of accomplished individuals, the most common one they share is reading consistently. Learning and striving for knowledge is probably the most useful quality that is useful in all areas of our lives. And books are perhaps the best sources of knowledge as they show you the concepts from a completelyContinue reading “How To Get Into The Habit Of Reading”

The Most Important Habit

When you read about the lives and routines of accomplished entrepreneurs the amount of things they do can be pretty intimidating and embarrassing in comparison to your own daily routine. The number of habits boosting their health and productivity can you jealous and helpless because “you could never do that”. There’s no way you couldContinue reading “The Most Important Habit”

The Life-Changing Practice of The 80/20 Rule

Imagine the following scenario. You have a work-related project to complete in the next 10 days. You decide to complete an equal amount of work every day until the deadline. Fast forward the 10 days, the project is now ready and according to The 80/20 Rule: 80% of this project was made during 20% ofContinue reading “The Life-Changing Practice of The 80/20 Rule”

4 Steps To Take Advantage Of Quarantine

The second wave of the coronavirus epidemic has hit most of the countries by now and people are back to spending all their time at home. Working, shopping, working out, and even going to concerts can be an at-home activity in today’s world. This is both good and bad since it leaves us with moreContinue reading “4 Steps To Take Advantage Of Quarantine”

How To Improve Thee Most Important Relationship In Your Life

Humans build thousands of relationships throughout their lives. Some are insignificant and only matter during a particular period of our lives, and there are ones that can change us forever. Some are meaningless and others worth constant strengthening. But there is one relationship all of us should prioritize. The relationship with the person that youContinue reading “How To Improve Thee Most Important Relationship In Your Life”

2 Ways To Conquer Procrastination Once and For All

I write a heck of a lot about procrastination in my articles. But that’s because it’s a destructive habit that I struggle the most with. I will go as far as to say that I consider it the single biggest quality that is preventing me from achieving my goals. Instead of working my way towardContinue reading “2 Ways To Conquer Procrastination Once and For All”

The importance of spending time with the right people

Sometimes we try and try again yet we can’t stick with new habits and create the life we want. There might be a holdback you don’t even realize is a problem. You may have created an environment that is keeping you away from the person you want to become. You might have missed the importanceContinue reading “The importance of spending time with the right people”

3 Steps to Change Yourself and Others

No matter who you are and where you come from, chances are you want to implement some sort of change in yourself or others. We all strive to be better versions of ourselves as well as we want the best for our loved ones. But change can be hard. If it wasn’t all of usContinue reading “3 Steps to Change Yourself and Others”

The Productivity Analogy

When I first stumbled upon the self-improvement community on the Internet I was a little bewildered. How do those people find the time to write a couple of thousand words, work out, journal, meditate, practice yoga, film videos, edit videos, cook healthy meals and read a 300-page book all in one day? Compared to theContinue reading “The Productivity Analogy”