How To Improve Thee Most Important Relationship In Your Life

Humans build thousands of relationships throughout their lives. Some are insignificant and only matter during a particular period of our lives, and there are ones that can change us forever. Some are meaningless and others worth constant strengthening. But there is one relationship all of us should prioritize. The relationship with the person that youContinue reading “How To Improve Thee Most Important Relationship In Your Life”

The Stoic Way to Deal With Stress and Anger

2020 is an intense year. When it seems like we’re at a point where it can’t get worse we are faced with a new portion of bad news. The bushfires, coronavirus pandemic, George Floyd murder, explosion in Beirut, refugee crisis, and floods are just a few cases of this year’s catastrophes that have shaken theContinue reading “The Stoic Way to Deal With Stress and Anger”

3 Steps to Change Yourself and Others

No matter who you are and where you come from, chances are you want to implement some sort of change in yourself or others. We all strive to be better versions of ourselves as well as we want the best for our loved ones. But change can be hard. If it wasn’t all of usContinue reading “3 Steps to Change Yourself and Others”

The Productivity Analogy

When I first stumbled upon the self-improvement community on the Internet I was a little bewildered. How do those people find the time to write a couple of thousand words, work out, journal, meditate, practice yoga, film videos, edit videos, cook healthy meals and read a 300-page book all in one day? Compared to theContinue reading “The Productivity Analogy”

The Motivation Fallacy

When we scroll through social media, sit on a couch, or watch TV we often state that we are not motivated to do our work. We feel guilty but helpless – what can we do if we lack motivation? Well, let me help you and say that you don’t need the motivation to get thingsContinue reading “The Motivation Fallacy”

The perks of being a morning person

In my last post, I showed you how to become a morning person but you may be thinking “Why should I?” From my experience, I can tell you it’s an amazing habit, and employing it in our daily lives would be very profitable for most of us. I’m going to share the benefits of beingContinue reading “The perks of being a morning person”