DIVING – a whole new world to explore

There’s no feeling like diving. Discovering an entire new dimension. Being suspended between the sea bed and water surface. Flying over a forest of seaweed and corals. Free to go anywhere you want to. Right, left, up and down. A guest in an alien world trying not to intrude the peace. Felling a connection with all the creatures around you. A silent understanding.

I’ve always loved the water. The sea, lakes, rivers, pools – you name it. It was the feeling of being underwater. It amazes me. As a child, my favorite day of the week was Friday because that was the day we had swimming classes in my primary school. Fridays were racing to be the first one in the pool and instantly diving underwater. So when I was about 11 I started competitive swimming. I stopped when I got into high school because I’ve lost the excitement and it was around that time when I realized: It was never about the sport but the water so I decided to do a diving license.

I got in touch with an instructor through a friend and applied for a P1 course under CMAS which allows you to dive up to 20m deep. The only requirement is being over 14 years old. I’m going to get you through my experience step by step (keep in mind that I did the course with Polish regulations but this might differ from country to country).

In order to pass the course, you have to complete 7 diving sessions and pass the theoretical exam.

First, you will have theoretical lessons with your instructor. He or she will show you all the diving equipment and how it works. You’ll probably also get a textbook with all the necessary information within the price of the whole course which will come in handy when studying for the exam. You can start diving in the swimming pool after your first or second lesson. When your teacher sees that you are comfortable in water diving in natural bodies of water will begin. It might be scary at first but just listen to the instructor and keep calm underwater and the whole experience is going to be great.

When you complete 7 diving sessions it will be the time to write the exam. I can already tell you that if you paid attention to the primary rules during the program you will be fine. The exam is not hard but it requires basic math skills and some knowledge about the human body (which are all described in the textbook).

And that’s it! Since I decided to complete the course during the summer holidays and both me and my teacher weren’t always available it took me about a month to finish it. But I’m sure that if you want you can complete it much faster.

I strongly encourage anyone to start diving. It is a fantastic sport that makes us more aware of the natural world. It is also a great activity for reflection, meditation, and mental health. So I guess the only thing left to say is let’s get into the water.

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